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  1. API The BOX

    API The BOX

    High quality small format recording and mixing console, with two 550A EQ, two 527 compressors, two 500-series slots, API preamps and Summing. Learn More

  2. Eve Audio SC305 (Pair)

    Eve Audio SC305 (Pair)

    3-Way 5" Active Studio Monitor. Learn More

  3. Avid Pro Tools | Quartet Desktop Recording Solution

    Avid Pro Tools | Quartet Desktop Recording Solution

    Bundles the power of Pro Tools 11 software and the outstanding sound quality of the Apogee Quartet Audio Interface Learn More

  4. Trident 80B-500 EQ Module

    Trident 80B-500 EQ Module

    500-series version of the superb Trident 80B Series console four-band “British” EQ Learn More

  5. Purple Audio MC77

    Purple Audio MC77

    MC77, 1176 Style Mono Compressor. Learn More

  6. Coleman RED 48 Rackmount Console

    Coleman RED 48 Rackmount Console

    2U 48-channel summing mixer with monitoring control and talkback. Learn More

  7. Audeze LCD-3 Headphones, Main

    Audeze LCD-3 High Performance Open-back Headphones

    High-performance headphones with unique Fazor technology to deliver, superior clarity and transient accuracy. Learn More

  8. ShinyBox 46MXL

    ShinyBox 46MXL

    With a Lundahl output transformer, the overall frequency response of the ribbon microphone is extended (even more so than the 46MXC), leaving a ribbon microphone that is very open, accurate, and quite breathtaking. Each ribbon microphone comes with a soft canvas protective bag, spider shockmount, and a hardshell case for storing the ribbon microphone upright. Learn More

  9. Advance Music Production Software

    Advance Music Production Software

    Comprehensive collection of high-quality virtual instruments, FX samples and utility software in a 500GB Hard Drive Learn More

  10. UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Core

    UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Core

    Professional Four-Processor Access to UAD Powered Plug-Ins — Now on Intel-Based iMacs®, MacBook Pros® and Mac minis®. Learn More

  11. Standard Audio Stretch 500-series Multi-band Dynamics Module Front

    Standard Audio Stretch 500-series Dynamics Module

    Single-slot 500-series multi band dynamics module inspired by different modifications of the Dolby Cat22 Learn More

  12. Audient iD22 USB Audio Interface and Waves Platinum Bundle

    Audient iD22 USB Audio Interface and Waves Platinum Bundle

    2-in 6-out USB Desktop Audio Interface featuring 2 class-A mic preamps with +48 Volt Phantom Power User Defined Monitoring Control. Includes Waves Platinum collection Plug-in bundle Learn More

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