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  1. Helios Type 69-500 Mic Preamp with EQ for 500-Series

    Helios Type 69-500 Mic Preamp with EQ for 500-Series

    Excl. VAT: £832.50 Incl. VAT: £999.00
    500-Series version of the renowned mic pre/EQ, used by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, etc. Learn More

  2. sE Electronics SPACE

    sE Electronics SPACE

    Excl. VAT: £249.17 Incl. VAT: £299.00
    New generation portable acoustic screen designed to minimise reflections from affecting recording. Learn More

  3. ADR F760X-RS Compex Stereo Dynamics Processor

    ADR F760X-RS Compex Stereo Dynamics Processor

    Excl. VAT: £1,874.17 Incl. VAT: £2,249.00
    The ADR F760X-RS is a meticulous and faithful recreation of the “Compex” stereo compressor/limiter Learn More

  4. Maag Audio PREQ4

    Maag Audio PREQ4

    Excl. VAT: £525.00 Incl. VAT: £630.00
    The PREQ4® (500 Series) is a one channel microphone preamplifier with AIR BAND® (shelf boost from 2.5 to 40kHz via VARI AIR™), compatible with the 500 series format. Learn More

  5. Manley Vari MU

    Manley Vari MU

    Excl. VAT: £2,241.67 Incl. VAT: £2,690.00
    Stereo valve compressor with a hugely valvey character. Always smooth, one of the very best on the mix, and also transforms digital synthesizers. For that unmistakable Manley sound. +4, XLR balanced I/O. Includes High Pass Filter. Learn More

  6. AwTAC Channel Compressor

    AwTAC Channel Compressor 500-series Compressor

    Excl. VAT: £750.00 Incl. VAT: £900.00
    Single-slot 500-series FET compressor with true parallel compression Learn More

  7. Eve Audio SC305 (Pair)

    Eve Audio SC305 (Pair)

    Excl. VAT: £1,066.66 Incl. VAT: £1,279.99
    3-Way 5" Active Studio Monitor. Learn More

  8. UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Core

    UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Core

    Excl. VAT: £587.50 Incl. VAT: £705.00
    Professional Four-Processor Access to UAD Powered Plug-Ins — Now on Intel-Based iMacs®, MacBook Pros® and Mac minis®. Learn More

  9. SSL AWS948

    SSL AWS948

    Excl. VAT: £56,662.50 Incl. VAT: £67,995.00
    48 input analogue mixing console and DAW controller, with channel EQ, assignable dynamics, extensive routing, using SuperAnalogue technology. Learn More

  10. Crane Song Falcon

    Crane Song Falcon

    Excl. VAT: £783.33 Incl. VAT: £940.00
    FALCON is a classic sounding tube compressor in a 500 series package. Learn More

  11. AnaMod Audio Realios TLCompressor

    AnaMod Audio Realios TLCompressor

    Excl. VAT: £715.00 Incl. VAT: £858.00
    Tungsten lamp compressor module for 500-Series offers unique soft-knee compression characterictics Learn More

  12. Native Instruments Komplete 10

    Native Instruments Komplete 10

    Excl. VAT: £332.50 Incl. VAT: £399.00
    Features 39 virtual instruments and effects with over 12000 sounds 130 Gb of samples. Learn More

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