1979 DR Digital Resonator

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a Buchla format adaptation of Mutable Instruments iconic Rings module

The 1979 DR Digital Resonator is a polyphonic physical modelling synthesizer voice, which uses an array of sound modifying tools to either resonate with an external sound source, or serve as a voice all of its own.

1979's DR is a buchla format adaptation of Mutable Instruments ubiquitous RINGS module, with all inputs, outputs, the panel and power requirements being remodelled for the Buchla sub-system, this type of synthesis is seldome seen in the Buchla format!

DR is capable of emulating everything from strings, tubes and all manner of resonating membranes and can even achive up to four notes of polyphony and even strum chords with each virtual string having it's own decay time.

As previously mentioned, 1979's Digital Resonator is able to resonate alongside external sources connected to its external input, so you can connect any sound source and use the physical modelling tools at your disposal to add textural and tonal overtones to anything you wish.

Rings continues to be one of the most popular and interesting Eurorack modules on the market, and 1979's DR let those in the Buchla world explore its greatness.

The main features of the 1979 DR Digital Resonator include:

  • 4U adaptation of Mutable Instruments Rings
  • Polyphonic physicall modelling voice
  • Able to emulate all manner of musical (and otherwise) instruments
  • All IO adapted for the Buchla standard
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    Short Descriptiona Buchla format adaptation of Mutable Instruments iconic Rings module
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