1979 MSV Modal Synthesis Voice

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a Buchla format adaptation of Mutable Instruments excellent Elements module

The 1979 MSV Modal Synthesis Voice is a 4u Buchla format adaptation of Mutable Instruments fantastic Elements module; a powerful self contained physical modelling synthesizer voice that has long been praised thanks to it's hands on control, stunning versatility and well conceived UI.

Physical modelling has long been considered somewhat of a dark art of synthesis, combining many characteristics and techniques from Karplus strong and other synthesis mediums, it has always required many modules or complex software packages to achieve a versatile sound pallet. Elements and MSV however distil many of the key parts (or elements) of the required synthesis tools into a knob encrusted, yet user friendly interface.

MSV is comprised of two sections, the first is the exciter where you can define how your physical structure is plucked, bowed and blown. Each of these exciter methods can be mixed together to create less pedestrian tones or used on their own to create familiar models of real instruments and surfaces. You also have control over the timbre of these sections and also the quality of the mallet type and the air flow.

The second section is the resonator mode, which is very reminiscent of another Mutable module RINGS (1979's model is the DR) which defines how the structure of your physical model reacts to being excited or played, here you can tune, morph and choose how your structure decays over time and control its timbral properties too.

Full CV control over all aspects of the synthesis parameters are included, with attenuverters per input, meaning you can style an ever evolving tone which takes your music and your creativity to new places.

The main features of the 1979 MSV Modal Synthesis Voice include

  • Self contained physical modelling synthesizer
  • Infintely versatile
  • Full CV control over all synthesis aspects
  • 4u Buchla format
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    Short Descriptiona Buchla format adaptation of Mutable Instruments excellent Elements module
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