A-Designs EM Red

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Single channel mono pre-amp in 500 Series module with additional mid-presence
The A-Designs EM-Red is a single channel 500-Series module designed to give you more mid-presence in your sound, As with all their 500 Series range, the EM-Red by A-Designs has not only been carefully manufactured with the best components available but has been with a custom-wound nickel and steel output transformer - to impart a greater mid presence, especially when using Chinese mics, the company note, which have a tendency to be made with the mid-range knocked-back. The front panel of the Red is as simple as you need: a DI, phantom power switch, pad, phase and Gain knob - the less components in the signal path, the better the sound. Being able to give your recordings more presence, for correction or to move an instrument further forward in the mix, is just one of the ways that A-Designs ensure that the EM-Red is the unit you reach for and one of the reasons that A-designs are so highly thought of by professional engineers and producers everywhere. A-Designs EM-Red Overview: • Custom wound steel/nickel transformer • Brings out Mid 'presence' • Well suited for bringing instruments forward in the mix or re-introducing body into mic capsules with scooped-out mid frequencies • Designed for 500 Series
More Information
Short Description Single channel mono pre-amp in 500 Series module with additional mid-presence
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer A-Designs
Valve / Solid State Solid State
Channel Count Single Channel
DI Input Yes
Side Chain Input No
Chassis 500 Series
Phantom Power Yes
High Pass Filter No
Digital I/O N/A
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