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Abstract Data ADE-60 Mixer Module

Abstract Data ADE-60 Mixer Module

A four channel mixer which also provides CV offset generation capabilities and attenuverting

Abstract Data ADE-60 Mixer Module

Abstract Data ADE-60 Mixer Module

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Abstract Data ADE-60 Mixer Module...

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The Abstract Data ADE-60 is a multi-mode CV and audio utility module, that can function in a multitude of different manners depending on how you patch it and what you would like to do with it.

For starters, the ADE60 can serve as a 4:1 summing mixer, where the inputs from channels 1-4 are send to the output stage at 4, this is very obviously handy for audio mixing, but it can also be super handy for CV mixing and manipulating modulation in interesting ways.

ADE-60 can also serve as a offset generator, where the outputs of each given channel can send -5 to +5 volts. Very handy for opening and closing filters when said module is out of reach, creating intervals on a sequence or whatever else you can do with a CV source, a very handy feature indeed.

There's also attenuversion, where the CV you input is both attenuated and inverted depending on how you set the pot. Very handy for inverting envelopes or manipulating FM sources & change the timbrality on the fly, again super handy.

Whilst it might not be the "sexiest" module in the world (I'm sure Justin will agree!), you simply can't play down the usefulness and the practical applications of a module like this, it does so much in such little HP real estate, that no modular system should really be without one.

The main features of the Abstract Data ADE-60 Include

Multi-mode CV and Audio utility

Can serve as a mixer, CV offset & attenuverter

6HP wide

Short Description Abstract Data ADE-60 Mixer Module
Demo in Store No
Exclusive N/A
Manufacturer Abstract Data
Synth Engine Type No
Built-in FX No
Number of Inputs No
Number of Outputs No
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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