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Akai Professional MPC X

Akai Professional MPC X

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Akai Professional MPC X

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The Akai Professional MPC X and thoroughbred MPC with seamlessly integrated modern conveniences optimised for use with MPC Software Version 2.0. Create beats, loop and complete tracks a...

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Akai Professional
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he Akai Professional MPC X is a standalone drum machine, sampler and music production workstation for the 21st century.

Building on decades of knowledge and technological innovation, Akai have taken everything they learned and developed during the MPC's 30 year reign as the sample workstation and created a brand new, forward thinking MPC.

MPCX. Everything you've come to expect from a flagship MPC and more. 16-velocity and pressure sensitive pads with four banks of pads, 16 q-link encoders with contextually sensitive OLED readouts, a glorious 10.1" multi-touch LED display and support for both HDD an SSD drives.

The new MPC 2.6 Software and Firmware update adds a host of new features:

  • Step Automation - You can now input, edit and view automation in the Step Sequencer. Press the Menu button and choose Step Sequencer.
  • Grid Automation - You can now input, edit and view automation in Grid Edit and Audio Edit.
  • Ableton Live Set Export - You can now export the current MPC sequence to an Ableton ALS project file.
  • MPC2.6 workflow wnhancements:

  • In Sample Record mode, after recording a sample the Keep or Discard Sample popup now has f-keys to Save or Edit your sample.
  • Within the Sequence Edit, Copy Events popup you can now copy the events from individual or multiple notes.
  • To make it easier to navigate your internal Akai/AIR effects they are now split into well-named groups.
  • TC can now be applied to all tracks. Open the TC popup and use the All Track f-key to apply the current TC settings to all MIDI tracks.
  • From within the Sequence Edit > Copy Sequence and Track Edit > Copy Track popups you can now rename the destination sequence/track.
  • The Mode Menu icons have been refreshed to improve their visual clarity.
  • In the desktop software, AIR Mini Grand now has a custom TUI layout in Program Edit.
  • Heavily optimised for MPC software 2.0, the MPCX provides a huge array of on hand controls allowing fast programming of beats, MIDI and sample navigation.

    All controls for working with the MPCX or MPC 2.0 is included on the front panel, so there's very little menu diving required to make your beats. There's 10GB of content preloaded onto the 16GB hard drive included with the MPC X. External Drives, plus SATA enabled drives are also supported.

    When it comes to hardware integration, there's four MIDI inputs, 2 MIDI outputs and a bank of CV and gate outputs for easy integration with your modular or vintage format synthesizers.

    A wide array of audio inputs for sampling and tracking are also onboard; four selectable XLR inputs with phantom power and dual instrument inputs for recording your mics and instruments. There's also the rather essential eight analogue outputs!

    The main features of the Akai Professional MPX Include

    21st century MPC

    10.1 colour touch screen for sample editing and navigation

    Windows 10 embedded

    16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads

    16-Q link with contextually sensitive OLED readouts

    A staggering array of audio IO

    CV IO and MIDI IO

    User replacement SATA HDD

    Short Description The Akai Professional MPC X and thoroughbred MPC with seamlessly integrated modern conveniences optimised for use with MPC Software Version 2.0. Create beats, loop and complete tracks and provide perfect sync for your MIDI and CV equipped devices.
    Demo in Store No
    Exclusive No
    Manufacturer Akai
    Synth Engine Type No
    Built-in FX No
    Number of Inputs No
    Number of Outputs No
    MIDI I/O No
    Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

    Customer Reviews

    Wow just Wow. Review by Lee (Posted on 28/11/2019)
    I was looking to build a new music studio and originally had not considered the MPC X. Having spoken with guys here at KMR extensively I might add. I decided to give it ago. I did not regret it. This is one serious machine for a serious producer / performer. The unit itself is very robust and not that heavy its perfectly fine for live performances. The flexible tilt of the iPad 10” size touch screen is excellent and so very responsive. I have never used AkAI before or not in any serious capacity and I was blown away with the software and hardware integration of true MPC X. You can easily create serious high end quality master pieces from simple beats to complex orchestral compositions if that is your thing. So anything in between is a breeze. The speed is instant and the software integration if you connect it to a MAC or PC is ridiculously cool and the work flow allows me to do anything. I can mix/master/create all seamless and the work flow from beats to creative sounds is very powerful. I have hooked up external electronic hardware such as Elektron machines and a keyboard etc through the built in sound interface, which is considerable and powerful, and also have hooked up an external sound card through the MPC X, mainly because it was not getting used so I thought I might as well get my use of it haha. The MPC X is so future proof I cannot see me needing to replace it for decades its that good. I am learning more and more about Akai all the time and have found this machine such a joy to be creative with. The software loaded and downloadable is fantastic and has put to shame a lot of the already expensive purchased plugins from another DAW I used to use! What can I say, you will not be disappointed with whatever genre or style of music you want to make. The sound card specs are right up there with UAD which in itself makes its super value. The quality of the encoders and LED read outs are easy and high end and fully programmable. Everything you need is right here at your finger tips. Finally my advise is if you need more info speak to the guys here and spend sometime doing your research, they were extremely helpful and patient with me but the most important thing is ask questions no matter how stupid or silly you think they are, they are not as I found out. Enjoy smiling at this wonderful kit. Thanks for reading Lee

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