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Analogue Solutions Nyborg-24

Analogue Solutions Nyborg-24

Analogue synthesizer with Moog inspired VCF

Analogue Solutions Nyborg 24

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The Analogue Solutions Nyborg 24 is a high quality subtractive analogue synthesizer with a classic voice architecture.

Where the Nyborg 12 offers a 12dB SEm style filter circuit, the Nyborg 24 features a classic Moog inspired 24dB per octave low pass filter, both synths use the same architecture but differ in timbre and tonality.

Nyborg 24 includes two analogue oscillators, one wide range and one that can run freely for generating drones and overtones. Both produce continuously variable Saw to pulse / square waves with pulse width and frequency modulation capabilities. There's also a sub octave and noise generator on the same mix section.

The filter onboard is an accurate emulation of a vintage Moog ladder filter, with a 24dB slope. For classic fat, moogy tones and soaring resonance and self oscillation if desired.

There's a wealth of modulation onboard Nyborg;

VCO modulation sources include EG1, external CV, LFO and VCO for FM and cross modulation effects.

Filter modulation sources include EG1, LFO,  VCO2, External CV, EG2 Triangle wave, sample and hold or keyboard input.

The LFO includes four modulation waves, square, triangle, CV input or sample and hold. The LFo itself is incredibly wide range and can assit with FM and audio rate duties.

And the last mod source comes in the form of two ADSR style envelope generators, one dedicated to the VCF and one for the VCA, but as previously mentioned these can be assigned elsewhere.

The is an incredibly well built, classic sounding monosynth with a vintage flavor and modular flexibility.

The main features of the Analogue Solutions Nyborg 24 Analogue Synth include

Two VCO analogue synth

Moog inspired 24dB transistor ladder filter

Comprehensive modulation capabilities

Semi modular architecture

16bit DAC for MIDI to CV conversion

Short Description

The Analogue Solutions Nyborg 24 is a high quality subtractive analogue synthesizer with a classic voice architecture.

Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Analogue Solutions
Synth Engine Type N/A
Built-in FX N/A
Number of Inputs N/A
Number of Outputs N/A
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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