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Antelope Isochrone Trinity

Antelope Isochrone Trinity

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Antelope Isochrone Trinity

The Antelope Isochrone Trinity is a high definition audio and video master clock.

Equipped with a host of features the Antelope Isochrone Trinity can offer three independent SD generators, three HD generators and three audio generators streaming at up to 384kHz, plus Varispeed.

Antelope has used its Acoustically Focused Clocking designs on the Isochrone Trinity to provide you with exceptional sound quality - these have been developed not just with spec measurements but by actually listening to the audio to determine the quality of the sound and ensure that your sound arrives at the optimal time. An oven is also used to stabilise the operation of the oscillator to prevent it being affected by extremes of temperature and you can lock onto the Atomic clock when you are operating numerous machines, to ensure perfect sync.

With excellent low-jitter figures, fully flexible connectivity on the rear panel and a simple to understand Triple Display front panel, the Antelope Isochrone Trinity is sure to be at the heart of your studio for years to come.

Antelope Isochrone Trinity Overview:

• Three independent audio generators up to 384 kHz, with Varispeed Control
• Three Independent SD generators, simultaneously offering PAL and NTSC
• Three Independent HD generators, giving you a choice of 16 formats
• Intuitive menu-free user interface with triple display
• Fourth-generation of acoustically focused clocking, now employing 64-bit DSP
• Dual redundant power supply for added reliability
• Oven Controlled Crystal oscillator or atomic input for supremely low jitter
• Factory-calibrated to better than +/-0.02PPM accuracy via atomic clock
• Field recalibration to atomic for better than +/-0.02PPM accuracy
• Always on "Superclock" for support of Digidesign Pro Tools systems
• Power: 12VDC Input 95-245 VAC Input
• Inputs: 1 AES/EBU 2 Wordclock 1 S/PDIF 1 Video 1 Atomic
• Audio A outs: 2 AES/EBU 2 S/PDIF 8 Wordclock
• Audio B outs: 1 AES/EBU 1 S/PDIF 4 Wordclock
• Audio C outs: 1 AES/EBU 1 S/PDIF 4 Wordclock
• HD Video: 3 generators. 2 outputs on each generator.
• SD Video: Simultaneous PAL & NTSC generators 1 NTSC 1 PAL 1 NTSC/PAL switchable on front panel 1 NTSC60/PAL48 switchable on front panel
Short Description Universal High Definition Master ClockHigh definition master clock with comprehensive video and audio facilities
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Manufacturer Antelope
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