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API The Channel Strip

API The Channel Strip

API The Channel Strip

API The Channel Strip

Inc. VAT: £2,759.00 £2,299.17 ex VAT

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1U rack-mounted standalone channel strip with the 512c mic preamp, 550A EQ, 527 compression and the 325 Line Driver....

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The API The Channel Strip is a 1U standalone channel strip module with microphone preamp, EQ, compressor and line amp.

 Fully equipped, the API The Channel Strip gives you the beauty and sound that made API a legendary company, surviving over forty years of rock'n'roll. Combining the legendary API 512c preamp with the beloved 550A EQ and 527 compressor in The Channel Strip puts you right at the heart of the API sound in one single leap. Sonically as superb and characterful as ever, The Channel Strip incorporates the patented API THRUST circuitry to give the compressor added punch and power -  to really keep your instrument right at the top of the mix where it can't be ignored.

 Inputs are switchable on The Channel Strip between Line and Microphone with Phantom power and Pad switches. The dynamics processor is simple to operate, well-featured and selectable between Soft and Hard Knee operation. Of course, the 550A EQ has become synonymous with the legendary API sound, in a switchable 3-band EQ section, with a selectable band-pass filter.

 Comprehensive inserts on the back panel of the unit allow great flexibility, with multiple break-out points - a very handy feature for combining additional favourite outboard with The Channel Strip.

Well thought-out, solidly-built, with a sound that has become part of the sonic landscape, the The Channel Strip from API passes that tradition on to you. In the beginning there was API - and they're still around.

 API The Channel Strip Overview:

  • API 512c Mic Preamplifier
  • API 550A Equalizer
  • API 527 Compressor
  • API 325 Line Driver
  • Complete patching facilities on rear panel
  • Two ten segment LED VU displays
  • Output clips at +30dBm
Short Description 1U rack-mounted standalone channel strip with the 512c mic preamp, 550A EQ, 527 compression and the 325 Line Driver.
Demo in Store N/A
Exclusive N/A
Manufacturer API
Valve / Solid State Solid State
Channel Count Single Channel
DI Input Yes
Side Chain Input No
Chassis Rackmount
Phantom Power Yes
High Pass Filter Yes
Includes Dynamics API 527 Compressor
Includes EQ API 550A EQ
Digital I/O N/A
Computer Connection No

Customer Reviews

Fantastic piece of kit Review by Henry (Posted on 07/08/2013)
I have been meaning to add my voice to a chorus of users that love this box. First off let me say that I am a home studio producer who is producing his own music. To that end I normally look for 1U rackmount channel strips that can give me a certain legacy sound and flavour. I use sample libraries, session players in different sessions and lots of synths as well. So very rarely do I have total control over the acquisition of the sounds I use. I also don't always capture everything live in one take. I also have projects that are already recorded and just need mixing. Having invested in gear to allow me to capture audio as cleanly as possible GML etc, I found that in mixing sound that originated from many different sources I really needed a piece that could colour my audio with the same tonal signature. After doing much research and much saving I finally settled on the API channel strip. I was looking for some hardware that had a vintage legacy behind it that was proven. Lo and behold I discovered that many of the songs I grew up listening too that I really liked had API treatment. Imagine my glee when I discovered that I could have that sound for my studio in one strip. I didn't hesitate once I set my mind on it and now almost a year later it is categorically my favourite piece. Seems it has the best bits of API heritage. The 550a EQ with the 527 compressor allows so much sonic manipulation. Punchy drums, clear pianos, souring strings, this box can handle all genres with panache but excels in rock.
I have sent old recorded tracks in 16 bit through this box and rejuvenated these lifeless tracks. They really do sound incredible. I do not know what sonic mojo sauce the guys at API have concocted but as a user, they have won me over. It took much experimenting to familiarise myself with every aspect of the box but I soon realised that it is almost impossible to get a bad sound out of it. Your audio comes out more defined, more high definition with a clearer presentation. Punchy, clear, sizzling, fast. There are too many superlatives to describe the API sound that step out of the bounds of the vocabulary. Once you get your head around the routing possibilities you can treat every track through this box and it will be as if you had used a large format console especially if you go from preamp/instrument input to output. You just need time. If you don't have time get a 1608 but if like me you cannot stretch that far yet, this unassuming strip may be the foundation for your next big hit. Sadly, I think I am going to have to buy a second one to work in stereo and I may struggle to get it past my wife......if you buy it, it may not be great on your wallet but your studio will thank you with a sonic upgrade that few channel strips can equal.

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