Audio Maintenance 2x 54F50 in Lunchbox

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54F50 Compressor / Limiter - Dual Racked Unit - 2 x AML-16-022 units in a rack with a mono stereo switch.
The Audio Maintenance 2 x 54F50 in Lunchbox includes two 54F50 Compressor / Limiter in a rack. The Audio Maintenance 54F50 is a 3-slot 500 Series Class A hand-built British compressor/limiter derived from the Neve 2254 design. Carnhill transformers used throughout, the Audio Maintenance 54F50 is built to the highest spec with only the finest components used in the manufacture. Capable of offering the sound and performance of the undoubted classic from which it is derived, the 54F50 from Audio Maintenance is built to an uncompromisingly high standard and as such represents great value for money. With such care and attention to the details, the 54F50 is the perfect way to control the dynamics of your music and at the same time take the revered compression and limiting capabilities previously only offered in console units now long defunct and largely unavailable - not to say unaffordable as well, in many cases. By making and sourcing parts for old equipment, as well as producing DIY kits and hardware, Audio Maintenance has gone out to uphold the values and standards that have made the original equipment so collectible today - now with the Audio Maintenance 54F50 you can own a future classic. Audio Maintenance 54F50 Overview: • Classic 4 stage (Class A) amplifier, 4 transformer design • All discrete component (no surface mount devices) • Entirely hand assembled and tested in the England to exacting quality standards. • Line Input: Carnhill transformer balanced (Mu-metal screened Classic VTB9046), 10k Input Impedance • Interstage: Carnhill Mu-metal screened Classic VTB9045 and VTB9046 • Line Output: Carnhill transformer balanced (Classic full size output transformer) • Compressor: (Class A) amplifier design • Ratio 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 & 6:1 • Dual attack speeds (Fast = 5mS, Slow = 25mS) * • Make-up gain 0dB to 20dB in 2dB steps • Recovery (release) 400mS, 800mS, 1.6S & Auto • Threshold –20dBu to +10dBu • Limiter: (Class A) amplifier design • Dual attack speeds (Fast = 100uS, Slow = 5mS) * • Recovery (release) 100mS, 200mS, 800mS & Auto • Threshold +4dBu to +12dBu (in 1dB steps) • Stereo link via either the backplane edge connector, an XLR or both • Illuminated meter selectable for input, output or gain reduction metering. • Power off signal bypass • Entirely stainless steel chassis. • Total current consumption 150mA (per unit) • Also available supplied as a pair in a box containing a “mono/stereo” switch Lead times may apply.
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Short Description54F50 Compressor / Limiter - Dual Racked Unit - 2 x AML-16-022 units in a rack with a mono stereo switch.
Demo in StoreNo
ManufacturerAudio Maintenance
Dynamics TypeCompressor
Chassis500 Series
Compression TypeVCA
Side Chain InputNo
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