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AAX DSP enabled room modelling plug-in module for Pro Tools HDX
The Avid Revibe is an AAX DSP enabled room simulator module for Pro Tools HD and HDX systems. With the Avid Revibe installed you have a well-featured and comprehensive room simulator to process your recordings. Up to 200 different types of room and early reflections allow you to model the size of the space that you want, along with 9 reverb algorithms. Mixing to 5.1 is taken care of on the Revibe, with separate control for the surround channels and the ability to mix them in either stereo or mono. For users of the Reverb One, the Avid Revibe layout will be immediately familiar and all the subtleties of your room choice can be accessed with the intuitive interface. You can choose the fundamental origin of the reverb, deciding whether you want to create a natural-sounding room or prefer to start with a classic plate or spring sound. Giving your mixes the sense of presence and space is an essential part of most music mixing and the innovative Avid Revibe is well developed and powerful, able to give you control over all aspects of the space you choose. Avid Revibe Overview: • Add ambience to your mix with accurate, professional room models • Customize the sound with a choice of nine different reverb algorithms • Fine-tune the room with multichannel reverb controls • View EQ, Decay Color, Early Reflections, and Reverb Shape through interactive displays • Gain infinite possibilities with the extensive set of Early Reflections and Room Types • Work on 5.1 multichannel format sessions—at up to 192 kHz • Compatible with Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools, and VENUE family systems
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Short DescriptionAAX DSP enabled room modelling plug-in module for Pro Tools HDX
Supported Plug-in FormatAU, VST, AAX Native
Supported Computer FormatMac, PC
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