Avid Smack!

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AAX DSP enabled compressor and limiter plug-in for Pro Tools HDX
The Avid Smack! is Pro Tools is an AAX enabled plug-in compressor and limiter module for users of Pro Tools HDX and Accel. With a vintage-style control panel, the Avid Smack! allows you to automatically shape the dynamics of your sound - all the advantages of quick convenient plug-in accessibility and a powerful comprehensive compressor design come together in the Smack! A choice of compressor types is available including Optical and Warm, as well as the Norm, VCA mode, so you can replicate the different characteristics of each. Attack, release, Input and Output gain are easily obtained and each compression ratio imparts its own unique characteristics to the sound. All side-chain content is easily accessible, whether you choose internal or external signal modes and has its own EQ. The Avid Smack! features a useful Distortion control to include odd and even order harmonic distortion for greater colour. Add warmth and fullness to your sound, whatever type of programme material you are working with - the Avid Smack! is musical sounding, easy to use and supports sample rates up to 192 kHz. Whether you need to contour your sounds with a gentle compression or slap them hard with peak limiting the Avid Smack! will do the job. Avid Smack! Overview: • Foolproof operation—easily get great results with any kind of audio material • Three compression modes—includes a mode for emulating classic electro-optical limiters • Unique compression ratios—from subtle compression to hard limiting • Harmonic distortion—add subtle analog-sounding distortion • Side-chain support—get external or internal side-chain processing and a side-chain EQ • Multichannel support—add life to all Pro Tools multichannel track types • Full sample rate support—work on sessions at up to 192 kHz sample rates
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Short DescriptionAAX DSP enabled compressor and limiter plug-in for Pro Tools HDX
Supported Plug-in FormatAU, VST, AAX Native
Supported Computer FormatMac, PC
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