Avid Sound Replacer

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Sound replacement plug-in for Pro Tools
The Avid SoundReplacer is an Audio Suite enabled sound substitution plug-in for Pro Tools. Substitute one sample for another with the Avid SoundReplacer - it's as simple as that, really. You have a drum sound that doesn't quite cut it, your piano sample just doesn't give you a lift like you thought it would - but you've found one that does. Use SoundReplacer from Avid and you can just drop in your new sample, simply adjusting it to keep the feel of the original, both for timing and dynamics and you are back on track again. You can use up to three samples simultaneously for your new replacement sound on the SoundReplacer, letting their peaks set the threshold for the next sample and using the smooth Crossfade control until you've created one entirely new single sample from them - pretty effortless. A clever plug-in, Avid SoundReplacer is a neat option that is easy to use and gives you loads of scope for manipulating and replacing your sounds without stress and hassle. Avid SoundReplacer Overview • Trigger up to three samples, each set to a threshold zone of your choosing • Crossfade or hardshift between samples • Adjustable mix slider sets the amount of sample replacement • Expand/contract a performance's dynamic range • Peak Align option assures phase-accurate alignment
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Short DescriptionSound replacement plug-in for Pro Tools
Supported Plug-in FormatAU, VST, AAX Native
Supported Computer FormatMac, PC
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