AwTAC Awesome Channel Amplifier

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Stunning Mic/Line Preamp, and mixer for 500-series, 3-band EQ with Baxandall low and hi-shelves and a unique forward/back switch.
The AwTac Awesome Channel Amplifier is not just a simple preamp module. In addition to the usual, gain, polarity switch, instrument, hi-pass filtering, the AwTac double wide 500 modules bodes truly unique features bringing a new level of flexibility and control. For a start the AwTac Awesome Channel Amplifier features a great sounding 3-band EQ with Baxandall Low and hi shelf bringing depth and air to your sound like no other EQs. With a choice of frequencies between 30Hz, 70Hz and 150Hz the Low shelf lets you add weight to your sound while the hi-shelf frequencies 6 kHz, 11 kHz, and 17 kHz, help you dial some air and presence to your sound without it ever sounding harsh. More intriguing the AwTac Awesome Channel features a Forward/Back switch which, changes the relation of the EQ in a subtle way. Although the difference might not appear obvious on its own, the cumulative effect of using several units over the mix drastically changes the balance of the mix by bringing some instruments forwards or pushes others in the background thus bringing a new dimension to the mix. The AwTac Awesome Channel uses only great quality components from hand-wound transformers, Cinemag inductors and gold connectivity for uncompromised sound quality. The whole unit says quality, only matched by the quality of the sound on offer. The Awtac Awesome Channel Amplifier is not only a great sounding channel strip for your 500-series but it can be turned into a fully-fledged mixer in its own right. Indeed a Passive Mix buss switch lets you position the unit in the stereo field (Left, Right and Centre) when two or more units are connected. Ideal for summing or stem-mixing, the Awesome Channel also features a rotary pan pot to control the overall volume of your individual channel AwTac Awesome Channel 500 Series Channel Strip Overview: - Unique double width 500-sereies Channel Strip - Great sounding unit - Three modules in one: Preamp, Eq, Mixer - Preamp features phantom power, polarity reverse switch, hi-pass filter, gain knob and output transformer load switch - Baxandall Low and Hi-shelves for a smooth, transparent and natural sound - Forward/Back switch changes the perspective of a sound within a mix. - Superior quality components including custom wound transformers, cinemag inductors, and gold connectivity
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Short DescriptionStunning Mic/Line Preamp, and mixer for 500-series, 3-band EQ with Baxandall low and hi-shelves and a unique forward/back switch.
Demo in StoreNo
DI InputNo
Side Chain InputNo
Chassis500 Series
Phantom PowerNo
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