Bock Audio 251

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Studio Tube Switchable Microphone Inc. PS, Cable, Suspension and Wooden Box.
The Bock Audio 251 large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone recreates the sonic beauty of the fabled Telefunken ELAM 251, one of the most sought after vintage mics ever built. Formerly known as Soundelux, Bock Audio makes incredible high-end mics that faithfully recreate the sound of some vintage classics. The 251 has a strong, powerful bottom and airy, unabrasive top puts this mic leagues ahead of others; its performance simply cannot be found in cheaper microphones. You'll hear the difference immediately when you put this mic on vocals; for clarity, full sound, and premium handbuilt quality, the Bock Audio 251 simply can't be beat! Though it's primary use will undoubtedly be on male or female vocals, the 251 is an extraordinary performer on other instruments as well. Drum kits will have astounding impact and transient response, with no overt artificial high end or midrange boxiness. Pianos will also benefit from the open top of this mic. It will also excel on acoustic guitars, percussion, and as a main ensemble mic. The 251 manages to capture the vibe of the legendary Telefunken ELAM 251, staying true to that mic's performance specs and unregulated power supply. Bock Audio microphones are handcrafted, with point-to-point wiring, time-proven transformer circuitry, and an attention to detail that truly brings the sound of prized vintage mics "back to life." Bock Audio doesn't compromise when it comes to components, construction, assembly, or testing. These mics are hand-tuned, using strictly tested European capsules and premium-grade electronics. Bock Audio (formerly Soundelux) is a unique US manufacturer of true "professional level" microphones. Their mission is to restore the availability of the most important vintage microphones of all time without the vintage price and without the high maintenance. Bock Audio works to recreate as closely as possible the sonic signatures of the most important vintage microphones, using modern materials and assembly, hand workmanship and a very critical ear. The beauty of Bock Audio is that every microphone in the line is designed to work together as a team. The Soundelux line up provides the most important "colors" proven over time to be essential in all quality studio work. Bock Audio 251 Features No-compromise construction; hand built, hand tuned, strictly tested European capsules Time-proven tube and transformer circuitry All electronic components are point to point wired Each individual component in every microphone has been pre-screened for sonic quality Power supply is true to the original, unregulated supply Excellent bass with an open, airy top end High frequency response that is not only present, but natural, quality tone Allows vocals to sound naturally dominant without being overbearing No midrange overemphasis and buildup when stacking vocal tracks No honkyness or grunge Smooth, clear sound, even when recorded digitally Sounds great in all mixing studios and on all systems, before and after mastering
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Short DescriptionStudio Tube Switchable Microphone Inc. PS, Cable, Suspension and Wooden Box.
Demo in StoreNo
ManufacturerBock Audio
Microphone TypeLarge Diaphragm Condenser
Valve / Solid StateValve
Phantom PowerNo
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