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ADAM Audio's meteoric rise to fame in the studio world began in 1999. They were the first company to develop and make use of ribbon tweeters in their studio monitor line via their Accelerating Ribbon Technology (ART). Being able to move the air faster than conventional tweeters gave a definite sound and direction to a genuine new contender in monitor land.

With the release of the Extended Accelerating Ribbon Technology (X-ART) tweeters in 2009, their monitor line is now a comprehensive and distinctive range from the budget ADAM F-Series, to the Flagship ADAM S-Series.

The S3A was perhaps the first monitor ADAM Audio produced to gain worldwide recognition. This was the monitor that really made the company with hundreds of units being sold in relatively quick time.

Despite the success of the S3A and the hugely popular A series that followed (with the original A7 being particularly well regarded), ADAM Audio, like so many other monitor manufacturers, decided to 're-vamp' the series by introducing an X into the name.

Whilst this (presumably) wasn't  JUST a marketing ploy, it is questionable that the X's brought much advantage to studio monitors that were already much loved and used. With a more pronounced low end extension, the X series certainly appeal to those who like their bass prominent - whereas a few fans were lost with this turn away from their original designs.

Having said that, the A7Xs remain about as popular a set of near-fields as there is. The A77Xs have found their way into many a project studio and the S3X, S4X and S5X are studio stalwarts. We're pleased to have a full range, from the baby F5s all the way to the big SX series on demo at KMR.

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Items found 25

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