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ADR or Audio & Design Recording Limited are a company specialising in high quality processors such as limiters, compressors, expanders and EQs, as well as word clocks for studio and broadcasting houses. Created in the 60’s Audio and Design Recording or ADR’s equipment has been in use in some of the best studios and broadcast stations in Great Britain and all over the world.

ADR’s most famous equipment is probably the F760X-RS “Compex” limiter. The ADR F760X-RS used a original discrete analogue circuit design employing a feedback FET technique and included a multi–ratio peak limiter (1:1 to 20:1) with a variable threshold, and attack and release time controls, and a gate/expander with hysteresis. The F760 design was so popular that it was also included in some Helios consoles.

ADR also created the SCAMP (Standardised Compatible Audio Modular Package) which like the 500-series format today, enabled you to insert modules into a standard racking frame making great quality equipment more affordable; from Mic pre, all the way to ADT, including EQs and Dynamics, the SCAMP could hold up to 17 modules in one racking frame.

Today Audio & Design has re-launched the F760X-RS “Compex” unit to the exact same specs as the original bringing ADR's unique signature sound  to modern productions.

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