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Despite founding Audio Engineering Associates (AEA) around forty years ago and embarking on a variety of audio projects (in some cases standing as an expert audio witness in LA courtrooms), Wes Dooley is now mostly associated with ribbon microphones and preamp for ribbon mics.

His long history with ribbons began with him representing the venerable Coles 4038 in the States, where he became intimately involved with the microphone and became Coles main service centre in North America.

In 1998, aware that the classic RCA R44 were becoming thin on the ground, Wes created his own version, which met with immediate critical acclaim and use by some high profile names including Les Paul and Bruce Swedien.

In addition to their R44,  AEA microphones now have a comprehensive line of ribbon mics, from their R84 to their flagship A440 phantom powered ribbon. The range also boasts the KU4, a rare (but very popular) super-cardioid ribbon mic.

Everything AEA produce is imbued with the passion Wes has for audio technology, and the brand has been further augmented by some high quality mic preamps, designed specifically for the high-gain needs of ribbons. These include The Ribbon Pre (TRP) which rather speakers for itself, as well as the RPQ which boasts a superb EQ circuit, which is, once again, designed with ribbon mics in mind. Of course, the ubiquitous 500-series format is catered for with their RPQ500.

A beautiful range of microphones and preamp which deserve to grace all modern recording studios.

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Items found 21

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