AJH Synth

AJH Synth, a small British manufacturer based in Bournemouth is responsible for some of the greatest Eurorack emulations of classic Moog schematics and designs; the Minimod range takes its inspiration from the very early MK1 Moog Model D circuits, scales them down and brings them to the eurorack format.

Every single design aspect from the original circuits has been implemented to ensure the sound characteristics are as close to the vintage Model D as possible, the VCO for example uses discrete transistors only with no integrated circuits, the VCF only uses matched transistors throughout and has been meticulously developed to ensure it behaves exactly as it should.

The modules in the system comprise of a VCO, VCF, VCA, Dual Contour and Glide / Noise Generator, they easily mount into 84HP of eurorack space and including standard inputs and outputs to ensure compatibility with other eurorack modules.

If you’re looking for authentic Moog in eurorack, then look no further than AJH. Call us or click online for expert advice.