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Akai Professional MPC X and MPC Live, redefining the MPC standard.


The AKAI MPC has seen action in almost every single genre of music since its birth back in 1988 with the release of the MPC-60. The MPC found its way into countless tracks thanks to it's unique sound, groove and feel and was instantly adopted by the hip hop and dance producers.


Building on the rich heritage already laid out by its predecessors, the brand new MPC X and MPC Live provide a complete DAW experience in a familiar MPC package, this time around AKAI have included an enhanced touch screen interface, improved pad playability, more connectivity, vastly improved software and a great new UI. This isn't just a new MPC, it's a completely new beast that's the beating heart of your connected studio workflow.

Akai MPC 2.3 Update


What's new with MPC X and MPC Live?


Weather you work in the live performance or the studio domain, the new MPC range has every single tool you need to make complete tracks, beats, loops and live sets. With 16 velocity and pressure sensitive RGB backlit pads, 16 Q-Links with OLED readouts, with brand new lightening fast multi-touch gesture enabled touch screens, hundreds of onboard royalty free samples, instruments developed with AIR and world class effects seamlessly tied into a full version on MPC 2.0, running standalone on MPC Live and MPC X.


Akai MPC X Features


MPC 2.0 brings a whole new foray of features that brings your music and creativity to life, you now have clip launching, audio track recording, real-time time stretching and pitch shifting. Both Live and X can also run in controller mode, allowing you connect to your PC or MAC, work on a project in your studio domain and then carry on with that very same project on the road, with your MPC.


Enhancements to the new range of MPC's goes way beyond the HUGE software improvements; MPC X includes not only a rather beautiful, tactile touch screen, but it also includes 8 CV and Gate outputs, which you can address independently to drive your modular gear directly from the MPC X. Assign a Q-link to a CV output and directly control that parameter of your modular system, this means the MPC X can work as a preset control centre for your modular synth.


Akai MPC Live Features 


Come and visit us for a demo


Come and visit us for a demo in store with a resident MPC specialist Tom Lewis, who will be happy to show you through the MPC range in detail and answer any questions. Contact us 020 8445 2446 to book an appointment with us today.


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