AKG Acoustics  were founded in Austria in 1947 which makes them one of the oldest microphone manufacturers in the world, alongside Neumann and Oktava who are both slightly older.

Although AKG started off in the movie and theatre equipment supply business, their first commercial products were actually studio  headphones. To this day their range of headphones, including the ever popular K240MKII and the K271s, are still studio staples. But it is certainly in the world of studio microphones that AKG are best known.

The AKG C12, first produced in 1953, spawned the legendary Telefunken Elam 250 and 251 which are still beloved by producers, artists and engineers the world over. Whilst the modern AKG version of the C12, called the C12VR has certainly fallen out of favour, AKG still produce a few microphones that grace most studio microphone lockers.

The C451B is a well used mic in drum recording, being a small diaphragm condenser and perfect for capturing transient detail. The C414XLS and C414 XLII are still used in project studios as a versatile and well spec'd mic (indeed some artists won't use anything else). The D112 is the classic kick drum mic, though purists aren't always enamoured over the modern voicing of these. 

Despite no longer being held up as a paragon of professional microphone manufacturing as it once was, AKG remains one of the most popular mic brands in the world due to the versatility of the mics and their effortless reliability. 

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  1. AKG C214
    AKG C214
  2. AKG C214 Stereo Pair Condenser Microphone Set
    AKG C214 Stereo Pair Condenser Microphone Set
  3. AKG C314 Front
    AKG C314
  4. AKG C314 Stereo Pair
    AKG C314 Stereo Pair
  5. AKG C414 XL II
    AKG C414 XL II
  6. AKG C414 XL II/ST
    AKG C414 XL II/ST
  7. AKG C414 XLS
    AKG C414 XLS
  8. AKG C451B
    AKG C451B
  9. AKG C451B Matched Pair
    AKG C451B Matched Pair
  10. AKG D112 Microphone
    AKG D112
  11. AKG D12VR
    AKG D12VR
  12. AKG K 240 MK II
    AKG K 240 MK II
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