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AnaMod Audio

AnaMod Audio was formed in 2006 by two industry veterans; Greg Gualtieri of Pendulum Audio and Dave Amels of Bomb Factory and Voce.

The process of manufacturer is, as far as we know, entirely unique. Dave Amels brought the same (patented) mathematical digital models he applied in his renowned plug-ins to the analogue world. Assisted by Greg to produce 100% analogue units, AnaMod now produce some of the most loved and unique products manufactured today,  all based on classic technology no longer available new.

Their first product is without doubt their best known and biggest selling. The incredible ATS-1 needs to be heard to be believed. It is rare that once we loan one of these units, the user is able to part with it. The ATS-1 is an analogue tape emulator, and is able to re-create several classic tape machines and tape formulations including the legendary A800 and ATR102 machines and Scotch and GP9 tape.

Their other rackmount unit is the equally incredibly AM670. Modelled on the classic Fairchild 670 this unit is an incredible analogue emulation weighing in about a tenth of the weight of an original and taking up far less space! And, perhaps most importantly, a fraction of the cost of a second hand original. Once again, this needs to be heard to be believed.

AnaMod also produce a range of 500 series modules, including Helios emulation mic-pres and a truly amazing compressor that uses a tungsten  lamp as its gain reduction element!

This really is a unique range of processors, and KMR are proud to exclusively represent them in the UK.

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