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In 1997 Antares revolutionised the music industry when launching Auto-Tune to correct pitch problems in vocals and other solo instruments. By becoming the biggest-selling plug-in of all time it single-handedly established its Californian creator as a developer of truly astonishing products using DSP technology. Within a year, Cher's 'Believe'; was the first commercial recording to feature the audible side-effects of Auto-Tune as a deliberately creative effect with recognisable tone mangling, much mimicked thereafter.

Today Auto-Tune 7 represents a world standard in professional pitch (and now time) correction while Auto-Tune Live is optimised for tracking and live performance and Auto-Tune EFX2 is the easiest-to-use, most-affordable member of the family, designed to make almost everything automatic, as well as adding intricate musical patterns to vocal tracks. To hear them is to believe.

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