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Atomic clock generators are the most accurate time and frequency standards known to man, used for international time distribution services, controlling television broadcast wave frequencies, global navigation satellite systems such as GPS, and more. Music recording and playback benefits from accurate timing, too, of course, and Antelope Audio pioneered the adoption of atomic clock generators in audio master clocks. As such, it is dedicated to achieving high-definition sound in recording studio and home environments, being held in high esteem by both pro audio users and audiophiles alike.

Antelope Audio is the brainchild of Igor Levin, best known for creating Aardvark’s groundbreaking AardSync Master Sync Generator, which went on to become a big hit in major recording studios Stateside. By being one of the first to apply the so-called DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) method of producing the frequencies in a digital way to the problem of producing an accurate audio master clock, Levin semi-seriously said he became known as ‘Mr Clocks’ while Aardvark became a hit clocking company.

Premier product lines from Antelope Audio include the Orion32 — the world’s first 32-channel AD/DA convertor and audio master clock, supporting both MADI and USB interfaces with 192kHz I/O streaming, clocked by Antelope’s renowned 64-bit AFC (Acoustically Focused Clocking) — and Isochrone master clocks, including the OCX, which can even be locked to the Atomic Clock — the most accurate clock on Earth — via a dedicated input. Now that’s what we call accurate!

Put simply, Antelope Audio’s acclaimed products allow users to harness the power of digital audio without sacrificing the warmth and fullness typically associated with analogue.

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