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Anthony DeMaria Labs

Anthony DeMaria is a renowned equipment service engineer and manufacturer based in New York. He's also a thoroughly lovely bloke!

His expertise lies in servicing vintage Teletronix and Fairchild units. He is known as a worldwide authority on all things LA3A, LA2A and 660/670 s. Indeed, he now produces his own, lovingly prepared, alternatives to these classic units.

Under his manufacturing name - Anthony DeMaria Labs (or ADL) - he makes the CL1000, an excellent, modern sounding, LA2A style mono tube compressor. Each one is handmade and uses an all-tube design (i.e, no chips or integrated circuits). These classic compressors produce effortless compression and limiting, and cost much less than units currently being manufactured by better known companies. We think they stand side by side with their more expensive brethren. Anthony also produces a stereo version, the SCL1500. These cost about the same as a new mono LA2A produced by Universal Audio. Well worth trying these side by side.

Anthony also makes a component by component clone of the Fairchild 660 and 670, the ADL670. These audio beasts are produced to order, and sound like the real thing. Be prepared to wait, and to ship these carefully from his base in the States...but they are well worth it. As close as anything to an original, accept these are new and come with warranties!

It has been a pleasure for KMR to be so closely involved with Anthony DeMaria. He is a true gentleman and makes some of the finest vintage clone products available today. 



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