Antonus are a Spanish manufacturer of ARP inspired synthesizers, sequencers and accessories. They're a small independent builder who pride themselves on delivering incredible instruments, that sound, feel and perform exactly as a premium instrument should.

Their 2600 accurately replicates Alan R Pearlmans masterpiece, with circuitry that honours the original Grey Faced revision as closely as possible, whilst adding MIDI capabilities and also reducing the size a little.

There are no SMD components in the audio circuitry of the 2600, true discreet through hole components throughout deliver the fat, gnarly tone you'd expect from a 2600, with a stunning attention to detail.

Their range also includes the Stepbrother Step Sequencer, which takes the concept of the original ARP Little Brother expander and runs with it. Stepbrother is more than a simple modulation source, it's also a very flexible gate and pitch sequencing system too.

Antonus is exclusive to KMR Audio in the UK, for more information speak to our Synthesizer Specialist Tom Lewis.