Aphex is an American audio signal processing equipment manufacturer with notable history, making a long-lasting name for itself as the inventor of sound enhancement. Indeed, the trailblazing Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, and Compeller technologies still form the basis of the present-day Californian company's pro audio and MI products. The former enhances clarity and intelligibility to audio signals by adding phase shift and musically-related synthesized harmonics while the titter-inducing Big Bottom circuit combines a lowpass filter and dynamics processor to compress and delay incoming low-frequency information to create sustained bass frequencies that are perceived as being louder, yet do not noticeably increase peak output. In an age of all-singing, all-dancing plug-ins purporting to do everything and more this might not seem like a big deal today, but, believe us, Big Bottom remains as big as it ever was! Truth be told, both Big Bottom and Aural Exciter are available as Avid's AAX Native 64 and AAX DSP 64 plug-in for Pro Tools 11 while Waves'Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter plug-in delivers all the original character of the original hardware.

Times change and Aphex has clearly changed with the times. Today it is a wholly owned subsidiary of DWV Entertainment, a spinoff of David Wiener Ventures, yet remains commited to providing the cleanest, clearest, and most effective signal and dynamics processing technologies available for performing, recording, and broadcasting applications — even going as far as catering to those using sound for communication and safety purposes. An extensive product range encompasses processing (including 500 Series outboard), microphone preamps, audio interfaces, and even a USB microphone (Microphone X) with built-in Aphex analogue processing — it's that Aural Exciter and Big Bottom thing again! Whether working in the box or out, Aphex has what it takes to enhance your sound.

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  1. Aphex 141B Main
    Aphex 141B
  2. Aphex Channel Preamp and Input Processor
    Aphex Channel Preamp and Input Processor
  3. Aphex Headpod 4
    Aphex Headpod 4
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