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API Audio is deserved of the much overused title 'Legend'. Saul Walker, the founder of API Audio in the late sixties, is up there with Rupert Neve, Dave Hill and George Massenburg as true pioneers of world-class, game-changing audio equipment production.

It was the invention of the 2520 op-amp that made API the audio legend it is today. This little amplifier is still in use today, in all API's designs, and it is what makes API one of the most sought after sounds in audio recording around the world.

Dozens and dozens of classic albums have been recorded through API boards and outboard. API, along with Neve and SSL, are the only makes of true large format consoles today.

Their classic range of outboard includes the studio must-haves 2500 stereo compressor, 3124+ 4 way mic-pre (can you record drums without one??) and the relatively recent 5500 stereo EQ.

API also pioneered the modular format, initially for their Legacy consoles. This is where the 500 Series format originated from, and of course nowadays every manufacturer and his dog produce modules for this format. But API invented it, and it all started with their 512c mic-pre, 550A EQ and 525 compressor.

The 1608 is one of the few mid-format boards now used to track and mix studio projects (alongside the SSL AWS, Neve Genesys and Trident Series 82) around the world.

Nothing is like API. A true legend of audio recording. KMR has a long and proud history with this brand, and we continue to stock their entire range. 

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