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Audient was founded by industry veterans Gareth Davies and David Dearden who had enjoyed big success in the world of recording consoles before working at Soundcraft for a time, going on to found their own company, DDA, which specialised in producing mixing consoles for live and studio work before forming Audient in 1997.

Best known for their ASP8024 series of desks, these great value mixing consoles feature extremely clean signal paths, high quality low distortion mic-pres and a VCA style buss compressor in the mix buss. It is no wonder, therefore, that Audient consoles are considered to be 'mini-SSLs', sharing as they do, many design principles and audio philosophies.

Audient's range was augmented soon after with the release of microphone pre-amplifiers, including the excellent value and high quality 8 way ASP008 and a well regarded monitoring controller, the ASP510.

They have also released to the market a cut down version of their 8024 consoles with the ASP4816, an amazingly full featured console which includes 40 faders, 16 bus routing and 6 auxiliary sends.

Recently they have produced an audio interface, the iD22 which addresses many of the issues faced by modern recordists. Featuring 2 ins, 6 outs and a host of connectivity to bring your DAW based studio together, this forward thinking audio interface will bring the good name of Audient into many many more home studios. 

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