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Audio Maintenance made its name offering support services to the pro audio industry from its Manchester base by providing repairs expertise and supplying spare parts for manufacturers and end users in the broadcast, music recording, and post-production sectors.

Since then, the company has launched its own range of AML-branded API 500 Series format outboard products, including the three-slot-occupying, hand-built British 54F50 module — a Class A compressor and limiter fully populated with Carnhill transformers to achieve its characteristic classic sound, and the ez1073-500 Class A mic/line amp/EQ — a two-slot, Carnhill-based module based on the classic Neve 1073 design and providing an affordable solution for the cost-conscious studio owner. Various combinations of 54F50 and ez1073-500 modules are also available pre-racked, including two of each in an AML 10-slot rack with an inbuilt mono/stereo switch for the compressor/limiters, for example.

Outside the increasingly popular mix ’n’ match world of API (and compatible) Lunchbox and VPR500 rack systems, the ezP-1A Program Equalizer is a 3U valve EQ, available assembled and tested by Audio Maintenance so you don’t have to. This is also available at a reduced price in a DIY kit form for anyone feeling adventurous enough to their hands dirty. Similar such kits with all hardware, chassis, PCBs, valves, resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and heatsinks required to self-assemble as a complete unit include the 3U ezM EQ-5 Mid-Range Equalizer and 2U ezHLF-3 Passive Filter. To solder or not to solder? That is the elementary question, dear reader!

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Items found 5

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