Avalon Design is synonymous with audio excellence, gorgeous styling and a little bit of bling. Whilst their Class A series are used in mastering studios the world over, Avalon Design is best known for their classic channel strip, the VT737SP.

This channel strip, featuring mic-pre, compressor and EQ is used primarily in the production of pop, hip-hop and r&b music production. Indeed, alongside the Neumann U87 microphone, the VT737SP is considered a must-have for this type of production. Whether this is just hype or justified on audio grounds, well, we'll let you decide. We always have a VT737SP on demo at KMR and welcome anyone involved in any style of music production to give it a try. The VT737SP has a brother, the VT747SP - a very useful and musical sounding stereo compressor and audio equalizer.

However, their AD2000 series is not to be overlooked. It features a dual-mono mic-pre, the AD2022, an opto-compressor, the AD2044, a parametric and dedicated mastering EQ, the AD2055 and AD2077. All the AD series are truly world class, utilizing the best in 100% discrete technology and regularly featured in mastering studios.

Avalon completes their range with some useful half rack devices; the U5 DI box, the M5 mic-pre and the V5...which is a combination of the two.  All highly recommended.

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  1. Avalon AD2022
    Avalon AD2022
    £4,200.00 £3,500.00
  2. Avalon M5
    Avalon M5
    £1,710.00 £1,425.00
  3. Avalon U5
    Avalon U5
    £715.00 £595.83
  4. Avalon VT-737-SP
    Avalon VT737SP
    £2,965.00 £2,470.83
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