are best known for re-introducing the classic Auratone speaker back into modern circulation. For those aware of the original Auratone, it was used by mix engineers and producers for checking what a mix would sound like played back through a basic radio or TV...i.e, a horrible nasty mono speaker! And that's exactly what it was. Avantone make a new version called the MixCubes, and these are updated for a modern world. Coming in a nice cream or black gloss finish, they can be bought mono or as stereo pairs and, thankfully, include activated versions, the MixCube A. A virtual must have for any modern studio! They also produce a decent line of microphones, though we would recommend trying a variety from various manufacturers before making a purchasing decision. KMR can help you there.

Avantone are an extremely interesting brand, and we're very fortunate they exist at all! Indeed, this for a time looked in jeopardy, as the original manufacturers went out of business before a very successful American retail magnate stepped in to buy the manufacturing rights! He's put the brand back on the straight and narrow, and we're delighted such a great company is now in safe hands. In fact, we recommend you read his blurb on the Avantone home page. It contains a very apposite section on pricing. Well worth a glance. MixCubes are always on demo at all our locations.

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  1. Avantone BV-1 MkII
    Avantone BV-1 MkII
  2. Avantone BV12 Large Diaphragm Valve Microphone
    Avantone BV12 Large Diaphragm Valve Microphone
  3. Avantone CK-1
    Avantone CK-1
  4. Avantone CK-6
    Avantone CK-6
  5. Avantone CK-7
    Avantone CK-7
  6. Avantone CK40 Stereo Large Diaphragm Microphone
    Avantone CK40 Stereo Large Diaphragm Microphone
  7. Avantone CLA-10 Pair
    Avantone CLA-10 (Pair)
  8. Avantone CLA-10A Pair Horizontal
    Avantone CLA-10A (Pair)
  9. Avantone CR-14
    Avantone CR-14
  10. Avantone CV-12
    Avantone CV-12
  11. Avantone CV12 BLA
    Avantone CV12 BLA
  12. Avantone CV28
    Avantone CV28
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