As we may have mentioned before, we get sent dozens of new units from dozens of manufacturers every month to test, with a view to us representing them. Good for us you may think? Well yes, but of course each unit needs due care and attention. Not only are we testing it to see if the thing sounds any good, but also if there's a place for it in the market.

We're sent more 500 Series modules than anything else these days.

But when Dave Raphael of the Awesome Transistor Company emailed us to say we should check out his new Awesome Channel Amplifier we took a cursory glance at his website and saw immediately here is a guy calling himself the Awesome Transistor Company with a product called the Awesome Channel Amplifier. That's pretty cool for a start. We like designers that believe in their products!

The feature list of this module also made us realise this is no 'me too' product. Oh no. This is not just a mic-pre, really it's a console channel. Preamp - Line - Di- EQ and a potential mixer. Very awesome indeed. So when he explained that you could stick a load of these in a Purple Audio Sweet 10 link them via his new Panner modules, your 500 Series rack can now be turned into a console. And an awesome sounding one at that.

We're proud to represent such an innovative, exciting, confident and yes, awesome brand like AwTAC

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  1. AwTAC Awesome Channel Amplifier
    AwTAC Awesome Channel Amplifier
  2. AwTAC Channel Compressor
    AwTAC Channel Compressor 500 Series Compressor
  3. AwTAC Panner 500 Series Module
    AwTAC Panner 500 Series Module
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