North Hollywood-based BAE manufactures high-end mic preamp and EQs that are faithful to classic vintage designs dating back to the Seventies and earlier. With a professed penchant for high-quality transformers from the likes of Carnhill and Jensen, all components are as close as possible to the original vintage design philosophies practised way back when. Which also explains why the company insists on everything being hand-wired and soldered using discrete electronics rather than cutting costs with circuit boards.

The new 1032 rack-mount four-band mic/line preamp by BAE was inspired by the frequencies of Neve’s 1081 model, with overlapping high-mid and low-mid frequencies for flexibility in correcting problem frequencies, while also providing a more comprehensive high frequency shelf up to 24kHz for extended high frequency correction without compromising the midrange.

Other notable products given similar BAE treatment include a reproduction 1272 two-channel Class A, all-discrete, transformer-balanced mic preamp module built to the same specifications as the original for retrofitting in original Neve 80 Series consoles, as well as the 1084 mic preamp/EQ, available in rack-mount and module versions. The 8CM, an eight-module-accommodating, self-powered rack, is also available for vintage Neve 10 Series-style 8.75-inch-high modules, including BAE’s reproduction 1066, 1073, and 1084 models.