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Barefoot Sound

Barefoot Sound, founded by Thomas Barefoot, came to market with a simple and focussed ambition. Recognising the shifting trends in the recording industry, with the plight of major recording studios and an exponential increase in smaller, well-equipped but lower costing studios, Thomas Barefoot realised there was an obvious need for speakers that, in his words, transcended the usual distinction between near and mid fields. Believing it was possible to create a pair of speakers that would be accurate and room independent enough to conduct professional mixes on, whilst being loud and impressive enough to act as mid-fields, and this without costing the same as a brand new Mercedes, the Barefoot MicroMain 27 (MM27s) were born.

KMR are lucky enough to be Barefoot's exclusive UK importers. We knew these things had an incredible reputation in the States, but being cautious types, didn't quite expect what we heard on first listening. And what did we hear? Well, the most immersive, accurate, detailed, impressive, non-fatiguing recording monitors we've probably ever heard. OK, no studio monitor in the world is going to be all things to all people, but we consider the MM27s as close to being this holy grail as is available today.

The Barefoot Sound range is brilliantly focussed, there are the smaller MM35s and the larger MiniMain MM12, as well as a Subwoofer, the MicroSub.

The new 'Gen2' revisions of the MM27 and MM35 offer even more than the Gen1s do, but with a few speaker emulations available - like the ability to hear a kind of NS10 sound. 

Barefoot speakers are in very high demand. We're usually highly backordered. So, come and have a listen, and if you like, get your order in quick!

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Items found 8

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