Benchmark Media manufacture a fine range of digital audio convertors and microphone pre-amplifiers. Based in New York and making products since 1983, Benchmark are leaders in their field of conversion technology.

Their high-quality product range is used in a variety of applications, including professional recording, broadcast, post-production, live and home audiophile.

Their Digital to Analogue conversion range includes the classic and still revered DAC1, the DAC1HDR and DAC1PRE for audiophile use, and the DAC1USB which adds a USB audio interface to the standard DAC1.

Benchmark produce two Analogue to Digital convertors - the 16 channel, 24-bit 192Khz ADC16 and the USB interface equipped ADC1USB.

They also produce some very high quality mic preamps; the 2 channel MPA1 and a 4 channel mic-pre and mixer, the PRE420.

Everything Benchmark produce is of exceptional audio and build quality. We have a range on demo to try and if you're considering an upgrade to your audio converters, we urge you to give them a try.