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We first met the designer and founder of Bettermaker, Marek Walaszek, at an AES show in 2010.

He arrived at our booth with what he described as a unique product. We are inundated with new products and brands - we receive something at least once a week. Usually it's another mic preamp or compressor and whilst we're not sure the world needs another mic preamp or compressor, we give everything due consideration. Who knows when we might unearth the next Neve!

However, being told this was unique was a claim we were initially suspicious of. Within about a minute of him unveiling what was to become the Bettermaker EQ232P, we were utterly convinced he was on to something.

First, the styling was certainly something that caught our attention. It looked like some sort of digital delay unit from the 80s. Very strange. As soon as it was powered on we knew we were into new territory. The unit was a digitally controlled analogue equalizer, we were told. OK. Sounds intriguing. How is it digitally controlled? Well, you can store settings. Cool. You can also A/B settings like a plug in. Very cool. And also, you can connect it via USB to a computer and use it as an audio plug-in, including drawing in automation. Erm, seriously? Why has no one done that before??! OK - all this sounds great, but how does this parametric EQ with a Pultec circuit actually sound, because whilst all that sounds Earth-shatteringly amazing, it's not worth much if it doesn't sound good. Well, it sounds incredible. A proper musical sounding stereo parametric EQ with a beautiful Pultec section. To us, and compared to the alternatives on the market, this would have been worth the money even if it didn't have the unique digital control; just as a well spec'd beautiful analogue EQ. This truly is a unique product that should adorn every recording studio in the land.

Now the range is complete with a unit without front panel controls, the EQ232P Remote, for those who just want to use the plug-in, and the ubiquitous 500-series version, the Bettermaker 502P.

Bettermaker are market leading innovators and we urge you to try one of these units in your own studio so you can glimpse the future!

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