1995 saw US based microphone manufacturer BLUE  formed, and since then they've been responsible for some of the most innovative and striking products in microphone-land.

As with so many modern microphone manufacturers, the founders of BLUE began life servicing and 'upgrading' classic mics such as vintage Neumann, Telefunken and AKG mics. With this wealth of experience, they set about compiling a huge range of mics with the intention that each one would be tuned for a specific job. The philosophy behind this is that, the less time spent EQing and adjusting the input tone, the more time could be spent on the music, which, after all, is what it's all about.

Their first microphone was the Blueberry, a transformer based cardioid design, whose purpose was to recreate the sound of vintage mics for vocals.

Their beautifully styled range includes memorably names products like the BLUE Bottle, Cactus, Bluebird, Dragonfly, Kiwi and their ribbon mic the Woodpecker.

BLUE also produce a range of budget USB mics, including the Snowball, Snowflake and Yeti (spot the common theme).

As well as their Encore live mic series, and originally styled windshields, mic cables and shockmounts, they also produce a dedicated mic preamp, the Robbie.

BLUE mics look and sound distinctive and are definitely worthy of consideration for your mic cabinet. 

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  1. BLUE Baby Bottle
    BLUE Baby Bottle
    £359.00 £299.17
  2. BLUE Blueberry
    BLUE Blueberry
    £889.00 £740.83
  3. BLUE Bluebird
    BLUE Bluebird
    £299.00 £249.17
  4. BLUE Bottle
    BLUE Bottle
    £3,999.00 £3,332.50
  5. BLUE Bottle Rocket Stage 1
    BLUE Bottle Rocket Stage 1
    £1,025.00 £854.17
  6. BLUE Cactus
    BLUE Cactus
    £2,495.00 £2,079.17
  7. BLUE Dragonfly
    BLUE Dragonfly
    £865.00 £720.83
  8. BLUE Kiwi
    BLUE Kiwi
    £1,749.00 £1,457.50
  9. BLUE Mouse
    BLUE Mouse
    £1,169.00 £974.17
  10. BLUE Woodpecker
    BLUE Woodpecker
    £969.00 £807.50
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