Bock Audio

David Bock's pedigree in the world of recording studios is hard to better. As chief technical engineer at studios such as Ocean Way and Hit Factory in the 80s and 90s, his reputation as a leading service and maintenance engineer is up there with the best.


Probably best known for founding and running the microphone company Soundelux, this business 'evolved' into Bock Audio several years ago, though the excellence that was associated with the previous incarnation has continued.


David Bock's vision is to create modern vintage classic microphones and he offers a very small and focused product range. His range features a Bock 195 - a hand built FET cardioid vocal mic. The Bock 241 has a proprietary hand built capsule, hand built custom transformer and a NOS tube. The Bock 251 is the most popular and well loved from this range. As the name suggests, this vintage 251 re-creation features all handmade components, lovingly put together to get as close to the original as possible.


The iFet7 is designed with the classic Fet47 in mind and the Bock 507 combines the best of vintage and modern microphone technology. Definitely one of the world's best mic brands available today.