Dirk Brauner is one of the foremost microphone designers operating in the world today. In fact, along with David Josephson, he is probably THE foremost microphone designer operating today.

A quick glance at their website will provide you with their inspiring mission statement. Brauner do not make claims about their equipment being the best in the world. They don't discontinue their products. They don't re-design them with 'Mark IIs' or market the hell out of them because their designs aren't up to scratch. Brauner make world-class microphones, from world-class components, test them rigorously, and then let their customers decide if they think they're the best in class.

KMR know the Brauner range intimately, having had their flagship mic, the VMA, on permanent demonstration since we opened. We carry the whole beautiful range, including the Phantom and Phanthera (also on demo), the Valvet the VM1 and the VMX. In fact, the VMA is a VM1 and a VMX in one mic, so if you want to hear the delights of Brauner Microphones before you invest, give us a call and we'll set up a demo.

Words that spring to mind with all of Brauner's designs are clarity, sparkle, detail and richness. Each mic is hand-made and presented with a custom made shockmount and durable case. Microphones don't come better than this. 

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  1. Brauner Phanthera
    Brauner Phanthera
    £1,499.00 £1,249.17
  2. Brauner Phanthera V
    Brauner Phanthera V
    £2,499.00 £2,082.50
  3. Brauner Phantom Classic
    Brauner Phantom Classic
    £1,399.00 £1,165.83
  4. Brauner Valvet
    Brauner Valvet
    £2,850.00 £2,375.00
  5. Brauner VM1
    Brauner VM1
    £4,333.00 £3,610.83
  6. Brauner VM1 Pure Cardioid
    Brauner VM1 Pure Cardioid
    £3,299.00 £2,749.17
  7. Brauner VM1S Stereo
    Brauner VM1S Stereo
    £8,748.00 £7,290.00
  8. Brauner VMA
    Brauner VMA
    £6,799.00 £5,665.83
  9. Brauner VMX
    Brauner VMX
    £4,854.00 £4,045.00
  10. Brauner VMX Cardioid
    Brauner VMX Cardioid
    £3,599.00 £2,999.17
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