We first met Glenn Coleman of Coleman Audio at an AES show in 2005. He's an imposing figure, tall, moustached and smartly suited, with an impeccably organised booth. But Glenn's a sweetie, a genuinely lovely and good man, and we're honoured to exclusively represent his products in the UK and Germany.

Apart from being an insanely devoted Stones fan, Glenn is also an insanely devoted studio gear designer.

He learned his trade at MCI, being an in-house technical engineer. Here he got to understand electronics, the studio world and how to work under pressure. Now he makes his small and understated range of high-end monitor controllers, audio routers, VU meters and speaker switchers from his home in New York.

The most popular of his range are the M3PHmkII (which is a general monitoring controller, not unlike the various alternatives out there), the TB4mkII (which is similar to the M3PH but with talkback), the MS6R speaker switcher, and his amazing utility box the LS3...which can switch between 3 inputs to 1 output, or 1 input the 3 outputs. Brilliant box that every studio should own! The parts Glenn employs in all his units are second to none. Military grade switches and pots (we've never come across such precision and expensive pots contained within relatively affordable analogue outboard) all wired and assembled by hand. Glenn's philosophy is quality first, do as little to the signal as possible - leave it alone. He understands the purpose of a monitor controller is to preserve the integrity of the signal, and wherever possible, offer a straight wire approach. We come across so many monitor controllers that degrade the signal, add noise etc, it's a no-brainer when comparing his products to the competition.

Glenn's company motto is 'In the End, it's Always Analogue'. How true. And in the end, if it's a Coleman Audio product, it's Always the Best Possible Analogue.

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  1. Coleman A/B 5.1
    Coleman A/B 5.1
  2. Coleman Audio 7.1SW
    Coleman Audio 7.1SW Surround Switcher
  3. Coleman Audio CA500EQ
    Coleman Audio CA500EQ
  4. Coleman Phone Mix DI, Top
    Coleman Audio HP6
  5. Coleman Audio LS3
    Coleman Audio LS3
  6. Coleman Audio M3PHMKIII Passive Monitor Controller
    Coleman Audio M3PHMKIII Passive Monitor Controller
  7. Coleman Audio MS6
    Coleman Audio MS6
  8. Coleman Audio MS6A
    Coleman Audio MS6A
  9. Coleman Audio MS6R
    Coleman Audio MS6R
  10. Coleman Audio PH1-500
    Coleman Audio PH1 500 Series Phone Interface
  11. Coleman  Audio PS1A
    Coleman Audio PS1A
  12. Coleman Audio QS8MKII Master Monitor Controller
    Coleman Audio QS8MKII Master Monitor Controller
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