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Coles Electroacoustics are a quirky, eccentric and uniquely British company. Made world famous by their 4038 ribbon microphone, this was designed around 30 years ago in collaboration with the BBC. Indeed, the microphone is still made today with bespoke connectors, designed specifically to interface with BBC equipment. So, anyone wanting to use the 4038 mic today, and let's face it, most recording studios do, they need to purchase a separate connector such as the Coles 4071B that allows it to be used with a standard XLR cable.

Coles also manufacturer the ubiquitous commentators microphone, the 4104. Widely seen on TV, this mic is on the lips of sports commentators from around the world.

Their 4040 is, according to Coles, their newest addition (despite the fact that it's several years old). Similar to the 4038, it's a more 'modern' take on their classic including higher output and a broader frequency response.

Needless to say it's the 4038 that makes Coles a world recognised and revered brand. Incredibly smooth and reliable, it's unusual if these mics don't grace a studio's microphone cabinet. Used on everything from vocals to pianos to drums to guitars, it's one of those staples that, along with the Neve 1073 and Neumann U87, will be with us as long as they're still being manufactured. 

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