Dangerous Music

Dangerous Music recording studios gave birth to the equipment brand of the same name in 2001. Their first product was the Dangerous 2-Bus; one of the first summing mixers on the market which quickly established Dangerous Music's reputation as a forward-looking company with a mission of integrating the modern recording studio - digital recording with analogue warmth. Simple, clean and well constructed, the 2-Bus set out their stall early on.

Audio integrity was always paramount in the design process, indeed their company motto is 'Audio Integrity: Non-Negotiable' which as far as lines go, is a pretty good one.

Their product line is now comprehensive and KMR is proud to recommend it all. As the UK's largest Dangerous Music reseller, we are intimately familiar with all their fantastic products including studio mastering products like the Liaison and Master routing and junction boxes; summing mixers such as the 2-Bus+ and 2-Bus LT; studio monitoring controllers such as the Monitor ST, D-Box+ and Source; their highly acclaimed BAX EQ and the recently released compressor called, innovatively, the Dangerous Compressor.

We keep a variety of Dangerous Music products on demo and in stock, so whether you need audio processing or audio routing, this hand-built range from the U.S should always be worth consideration. 

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  1. Dangerous Convert-8 8-Channel DA Converter
    Dangerous Convert-8 8-Channel DA Converter
  2. Dangerous Music 2-Bus XT
    Dangerous Music 2-BUS XT Summing Mixer
  3. Dangerous Music 2-Bus+ Summing Mixer
    Dangerous Music 2-Bus+ Summing Mixer
  4. Dangerous BAX EQ - Front
    Dangerous Music BAX EQ
  5. Dangerous Music Complete System
    Dangerous Music Complete System
  6. Dangerous Music Compressor
    Dangerous Music Compressor
  7. Dangerous Music Convert AD+ Main
    Dangerous Music Convert AD+
  8. Dangerous Convert-2 2-channel Digital Audio Converter
    Dangerous Music Convert-2
  9. Dangerous Music Cutter
    Dangerous Music Cutter
  10. Dangerous Music D-Box+ Front
    Dangerous Music D-Box+
  11. Dangerous Music Liaison Mk2
    Dangerous Music Liaison
  12. Dangerous Music Master
    Dangerous Music Master
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