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DAV Electronics


We met Mick Hinton, the founder of D.A.V. electronics, a few weeks after opening KMR Audio back in 2003. He was one of the first equipment designers we sought to represent as we knew a few users of his excellent UK Hand-Made BG1 (Broadhurst Gardens) Stereo Pre-Amp. Once we'd heard it for ourselves we were convinced these things could be a global success. Hugh Robjohns, of Sound on Sound, reviewed a unit we sent him and once he'd put in print what we knew, D.A.V. electronics became a bit of a phenomena.


DECCA Studios Heritage Sound


Mick spent over 28 years as a Design and Maintenance engineer at the legendary DECCA Studios London, and you can hear this provenance in all his equipment. D.A.V. electronics units are designed to showcase the source, if you don't want opinion imparted to your vocals or instruments then these are for you. Super clean DECCA Sound, Low Distortion, Low Noise, Plenty of Gain, Plenty of Punch and Plenty of Power! Available in the BG1u, BG2, BG8 and now in the 500-Series version the BG501.


Mike has also created DECCA Heritage EQ's and Compressors based on his original designs used at Decca Studios London, which are available in a number of variations and formats:

The BG3 Mastering EQ, 500-Series BG503 EQ, BG5 Channel, BG6 Compressor, 500-Series BG504 Compressor and a range of D.I.'s are popular alongside a M/S Mastering Parallel Processor called the S.I.P.P. Completing the line up are a Control Room Guitar Interface and a 32-channel Summing Mixer, and with clients such as British Grove Studios, David Gilmour, The Exchange Mastering and Metropolis it's easy to see why D.A.V. electronics have now become a familiar Studio presence. Classic Decca Heritage Sound in a flexible, competitively priced, modern range.



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