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Dave Hill Designs


Dave Hill is a name that is synonymous with uniqueness. He has continuously created inspirational audio equipment that has a sonic character, charm and functionality. Whether it's exploring the use of analogue, or digital and DSP/Software coding it's all done with the same determined quest for harmonic pleasure.


Dave Hill Designs was created to allow further development of new audio recording tools, resulting in the first product the Europa1 Class A discrete mic preamp. This is the only analogue mic preamp available that allows Slew Speed control, where you actually change the way it reacts to transients and therefore changing the sound of the preamp. Tailor this with the Even and Odd harmonic content controls, the HPF and the DI input the Europa is one of a kind.


Following on from this Dave released the RA Non-Linear DSP based Plug-in for Pro Tools software. This uses his love of harmonic distortion where the Even harmonic control allows the plugin to work like an upwards compressor - where the peaks are left alone. The Plug-in uses Even harmonics in a way you're left feeling you're driving a Valve unit, rather than relying on the tradition threshold and release of a compressor.


The third product so far, is the TITAN compressor/limiter feedback compressor. This has two types of VCA's, which can be coloured or very clean, a FAT or AIR switch, parallel mix blend dial and the Dynamic colour control to give you distortion, but in a unique way where it sounds like you're bringing up the peaks.


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