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Doepfer is a brand that’s unanimous with Eurorack Modular Synthesis, mainly thanks to Dieter Doepfers’ pioneering work in the early 90’s when he formulated the A-100 modular format that would eventually become the Eurorack standard.

Founded in the early 1970’s and still going strong today Doepfer has maintained a pedigree of quality and innovation that’s matched by very few, with the very first products developed by the company being simple DIY effects units Dieter quickly moved onto Polyphonic Modular Systems, Samplers and very advanced MIDI to CV converters to super high quality keyboard controllers like the LMK series, but it wasn’t until 1995 that the synthesizer format we call Eurorack was conceived.

The “euro” format that the euorack format is based upon developed and modified from a well used studio format much akin to the 500-series we see now, but with modified power supplies to cater for the type of components utilised in synthesizers, this simple change opened up the modular format completely.

By creating a singular modular format, Eurorack would quickly become the standard to which almost all modular synthesizer manufacturers would adhere to.

To say that the Dopfer product range is comprehensive would be somewhat of an understatement, there are now 150 plus eurorack modules varying from Oscillators, Filters, effects, Sampler to complete modular systems such as the Basic System 1 and Basic System 2, through to a comprehensive range of Eurorack Cases and accessories.

We have the complete Doepfer range available online and a wide range available in store to demonstrate, click online or call us today for expert advice.

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Items found 129

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