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Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Elektron Music Machines was founded in 1998 to support the release of Sidstation, a quirky compact and bijou synthesizer based on the MOS6581 sound chip used in the Commodore 64 home computer. Remember the catchy music featured in classic C64 games like Last Ninja, Monty On The Run, or Arkanoid? Well, you could make music like that with Sidstation (now discontinued due to those distinctive-sounding sound chips becoming harder to source). Still, that legacy lives on inside the 2003-released Monomachine SFX-6, a digital keyboard synthesizer designed as a companion to 2001’s Machinedrum SPS-1 digital drum machine, and its tabletop companion, Monomachine SFX-60 — right through to today’s still-available Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII (featuring five different synthesis methods, plus superlative sequencing capabilities, and an ability to upload user-customised waveforms). Indeed, by addeding +Drive memory expansion to vastly increase onboard storage (to 128 times the power of the originals), Monomachine SFX-60+ MKII and Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII make for a perfect interactive onstage pairing, as testified to by the likes of French synth whiz Jean-Michel Jarre, modern-day electro-poppers Hot Chip, and dance fiends The Chemical Brothers.

Late 2010 saw the introduction of Elektron’s distinctive black and red livery with the Octatrack DSP-1, a so-called dynamic performance sampler, cleverly capable of manipulating material in a wide variety of ways alongside a next-generation step sequencer to die for!

Elektron next changed tack to analogue sound generation with 2012’s award-winning Analog Four, a four-voice analogue synthesizer with state-of-the-art digital controls, together with CV/Gate and DIN Sync outputs to communicate with many classic analogue instruments of yesteryear. Yet its innovative sequencer features will breathe life into those instruments like there’s no tomorrow! Topping things off, Analog Keys represents Elektron’s flagship four-voice analogue keyboard synthesizer with unprecedented playability for today’s expressive electronic musician.

Moreover, all Elektron products are hand-built and tested in Sweden for the ultimate human touch and carry a three-year limited warranty for ultimate peace of mind to go with those ultimate digital and analogue sounds.

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