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elysia is a union of creative audio enthusiasts that was founded in Nettetal (Germany) in 2006 by Ruben Tilgner and Dominik Klassen. The company has a clearly defined objective: creating outstanding pro audio gear without compromise, both in the analog and digital domains. elysia stands for highest sound quality, truly sophisticated manufacturing, innovative features without voodoo, and creative tools enjoyable for a lifetime.

elysia’s Rack Series of 19-inch outboard processors include the alpha compressor — billed as being the ultimate mastering tool for professional dynamics mastering; mpressor — creative compressor for modern dynamics processing; xpressor — universal compressor; and nvelope — impulse shaper. xfilter represents the latest addition, a true stereo EQ with a 100% Class-A signal path, resulting in an exceptionally open boutique sound with flawless transient projection and solid punch. Processing single signals, creative sound shaping, mix bus duties, or even helping handle demanding mastering scenarios, those stunning sonic characteristics combine with a flexible feature set to make elysia’s newest hardware product the perfect fit for many mission-critical audio applications. Central to that versatility is the xfilter’s high- and low-shelf bands’ unique ability to change to high- and low- cut filters with resonance — a flexible feature found on elysia’s award-winning flagship EQ, the museq.

Since its original release in eye-catching rack-mounting hardware form back in 2009, elysia’s museq has more than lived up to its tagline: THE MUSICAL EQUALIZER. For this ear-opening EQ promptly walked away with coveted industry awards befitting its musical name and nature from those in the know on both sides of the pond. Why? Well, put simply, this awesome analogue EQ is a combination of premium sound-shaping capabilities with optimally-matched parameters and the highest-quality components — 100% discrete analogue technology circuit design, permanent class-A mode signal processing using single transistors, and much more besides — enabling users to speedily achieve amazing-sounding musical results with the greatest of ease. Unsurprisingly, of course, audio and build quality such as this comes at a premium price. And rightly so. It’s worth noting here that the museq  is also available as a more cost-conscious software plug-in called museq, marketed by Plugin Alliance.

Interestingly, the xfilter effectively first saw the light of day as the API 500 Series format-compatible xfilter 500. Like its xfilter Rack ‘big brother’, the xfilter 500 has its two channels linked to eliminate matching the settings for the left and right channels providing excellent phase coherency. All stepped potentiometers ensure fast and precise recall of settings. xfilter 500 is not alone, with the xpressor 500 and nvelope 500 completing the 500 Series lineup, based on the ‘full-size’ xpressor and nvelope, respectively.

elysia has something for everyone, it seems. Little wonder, then, that its wondrous products have proven popular within the pro audio community.


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