Endorphin.es are an Austrian manufacturer of boutique Eurorack Modules, with a unuque approach to aesthetics and functionality.

Their module designs draw inspiration heavily from Buchla designs, with their very popular Furthrrrr Generator taking inspiration from the Buchla 259.

Endorphin.es take a very unusual approach to their art and ledgend layouts, with most of their modules featuring superb artwork and colour schemes like nothing else available.

The current lineup includes the aforementioned Furthrrrr Generator,  Terminal a Buchla inspired lowpass gate and shuttle control, a comprehensive USB equipped MIDI to CV converter.

With such powerful synthesis circuits and an individual swing on eurorack designs, it's not hard to see why these guys have caught the attention of the modular community.

We advertise the complete Endoirphin.es range online and regularly have the modules available to demo in our London showroom.

For more information, click online or call us today for expert advice.

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  1. Endorphin.es Furthrrrr Generator
    Endorphin.es Furthrrrr Generator
  2. Endorphin.es Shuttle
    Endorphin.es Shuttle
  3. Endorphin.es Shuttle System
    Endorphin.es Shuttle System
  4. Strong VCO Core
    Endorphin.es Strong VCO Core
  5. Endorphin.es Terminal
    Endorphin.es Terminal
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